Experience and professionalism in the supply of polymer sheet materials since 2010.
About us
Datapolymer Company is an expert in the production and trade of polymer sheet materials in Russia. Since 2010, our company has been cooperating with the largest Russian manufacturers of polymeric materials.
Our joint activities are aimed at developing the polymer market in our country and abroad. It is important for us to supply high quality products that can compete with European companies. DATPOLYMER offers support and professional advice on all products to its partners all over the world.
Personal management and transaction support at every stage - from the optimal choice of products to delivery to any point in the Russian Federation, the CIS and the world. Possibility of cooperation through the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation.
Technological pallets for vibropress
With unique polymer web and protective end profile. For convenient and durable operation, reduce your production costs
Anchor sheet
Effective protection of concrete from external mechanical damage, gas corrosion, abrasive wear, infiltration, liquid outflow. Anchor sheet provides absolute waterproofing, increases hydraulic performance.
Sheet polypropylene
Sheet polypropylene has many positive properties, it is widely used in the field of industrial tank building, electroplating and other industries.
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